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The roads are full of users. Auto’s, trucks, buses, cyclists and pedestrians.  All competing for space!

See, and be seen...

Everyday a cyclist or pedestrian is struck and killed by a motor vehicle. As the number of bicyclists increases, so do the fatalities. The number one killer of adult bicyclist is being hit from behind by a motor vehicle. Most drivers claim they did not see the bicyclist until it was too late.

As the roads become more congested, bicyclist’s and pedestrians are at greater risk from drivers.  Let’s face facts here. To some motorists, it’s as if the cyclist or pedestrian appears out of no where. For cyclists the problem is even worse, drivers do not see them or are inattentive due to other distractions. The results for everyone are bad, for the cyclist and pedestrian, often fatal.

The number of  bicyclists are increasing daily. People are walking more than ever for health reasons, environmental awareness or just out of necessity.  In San Francisco alone, according to the San Francisco Bike Coalition, upwards of 7% of all city trips are on bicycles: and that continues to grow.

According to Transportation Alternatives in New York City, in the past ten years, more people were killed in traffic than murdered by guns in New York City. According to their report “Walking in Traffic Violence”,

“The majority of fatal traffic crashes are caused by drivers breaking traffic laws which should be enforced. Incidents of speeding, running red lights and failure to yield dominate our streets. Of fatal crashes with known causes, 69 percent are caused by poor driver behavior.”

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Roadar® provides the bicyclists and pedestrians  digital presence so that they can be seen by the control systems of motor vehicles and the driver can be warned ,audibly and visibly, of their presence.  For drivers this will allow them to have a warning indicator when they come upon a bicyclist or pedestrian in poor visibility , or  as an alarm of last resort  when bicyclists and pedestrians just “appear”.  

Roadar® will not prevent all bicyclists and pedestrian traffic fatalities, but it gives all road users the information they need to make wise choices.

As the culture shifts to the acceptance of bicyclist’s and motor vehicles sharing the road, indeed as more motorists begin to ride bicycles for shorter trips or for individual health reasons, roadar™ will provide auto manufacturers an opportunity to be socially responsible by including roadar ™  technology in their vehicles and bicycle manufacturers and apparel  manufacturers to include roadar™  capability in their product offerings.  

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Every parent’s nightmare

Little ones can just bolt! We have all seen it happen. Shouldn’t we take every precaution to protect them?

Bike Commuter?

Bike commuting is healthy for you and good for the environment. Let’s make it safer!

With roadar® technology installed, a driver can identify cyclists and pedestrians on the road while

continuously measuring the speed and distance from the motorized vehicle to the cyclist/pedestrian. roadar™ will audibly and visually, continually alert the driver via an external device or through the autos dashboard cluster of the motorists current speed and distance relative to the cyclists/pedestrian and the distance and speed needed to comply with the law.


Roadar®  is very happy to be working with Plug and Play Technology Center in Sunnyvale , Ca.

States with three foot passing law:


● Arkansas,

● Colorado,

● Connecticut,

● DC,

● Delaware,

● Florida,

● Georgia,

● Illinois,

● Kansas,

● Louisiana,

● Maryland,

● Maine,

● Nebraska,

● Nevada,

● New Hampshire,

● New York,

● Oklahoma,

● Pennsylvania *,

● Tennessee,

● Utah,

● Wisconsin

* four feet